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Tholanikkunnel Kudumbayokam 2016 December 18th at St.George Bethel Church,Ayamkara


Founding of the Tholanikunnel Family.


The Tholanikunnel Family has got only two hundred and fifty years of history.  The unique aspect of its history is that the founder of the family Rev. Dn. Adai was not from India but from Edessa in Mesopotamia.  Edessa was the birth place of the Syriac language and also in the early centuries one of the most important centres of the Christian church Edessa was blessed with a University for theological studies and other educational institutions, monasteries and cultural centres.  The people in Edessa were therefore educated and civilized and they had perpetual relations with the outside world.  The founder of the Tholanikunnel   Family Rev. Dn. Adai reached Kerala in the year 1747 with the Armenian merchants as a translator.  He knew very well Syriac, Arabic, Armenian and portugese languages.  In Kerala he learned Malayalam also.  During that period Palai was a main centre for spice trade.   Many foreign merchants approached the King of Palai to buy the spices. The king was darely in need of a translator and the King found in Rev. Dn. Adai the best suitable person for translation.  Thus Dn. Adai became an employee in the Palace of the King in Palai.  During this time Dn. Adai established very good friendship with the leader of the army Tholanikunnel Mullu Panicker.




No. Name Photo Ph.Number Mob.Number
1. Rev.Dr.Adai Jacob, Cor-Episcopa,Thiruvaniyoor. 0484 2730241 9447474797
  Vice President:      
2. Rev.Fr.Peter G Tholanikunnel, Kottayam..   9847576995
  Working President:      
3. T.M.Geevarghese, Tholanikunnel, Puthuppady. 0485 2816301 9744755301
4. Elias Israel, Tholanikunnel, Chelad. 0485 2572422 9946472422
5. Sri. Skaria Chacko, Urumbumkarayil, Mannathoor 8281819209 9526436209
  Joint secretary      
6. Sri. Adai T.S, Tholanikunnel, Pothanicad 0485 2563253 9446501017
7. Sri. T.V. Mathai, Tholanikunnel, Marady   9495061353
  Committee Members      
8. Dr. James Mani, Tholanikunnel, Koothattukulam   9447209919
9. Smt. Jessy James, Tholanikunnel, Koothattukulam 0485 2253401  
10. Sri. Elias T.M, Tholanikunnel, Pothanicad   9446141646
11. Sri. T.P. John, Kizhakumcheriyil, Mannathoor   9446344659
12. Essaya Paulose, Tholanikunnel, Pothanicad 0485 2562805 9447062805
13. Sri. Tomy Markose, Madathikudiyil, Mullaringad   9847423914
14. Sri. T.P. Johny, Tholanikunnel, Palakuzha 0485 2568549 9745474413
15. Sri. Mathew Adai, Tholanikunnel, Pothanicad 0485 2562342 9495471335
16. K. P. George, Kooruvelil, Pannoor   9447831207
17. Sri. Skaria Paily, Kunnummel, Mannathur 0485 2875631  
18. Sri. Sanal Markose, Madapatt, mannathur 9539397535 9447814446
19. Sri. K.M. Joy, Kuzhalanatt, Mannathoor   9946667677
20. Sri. Baiju Markose, Kuzhalanatt, Mannathoor   9447137735
21. Smt.Saramol Baiju , Kuzhalanatt, Mannathoor   9495937735
22. Sri. Able Mathew, Tholanikunnel, Pothanicad   9447580190
23. Sri. Amal Adai, Tholnikunnel, Pothanicad   9947763062
24. Sri. Biju George, Kuzhalanatt, Paingottor   9447987945
25. Sri. M.M Kurian, Madathikudiyil, Meckadamb   9497032073
26. Sri. Shaji Varghese, Kuttichira, Mannathoor   9447110729


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